How to Remove a Christmas Tree Stump

Removing a Christmas tree stump is a little different than removing other types of stumps because the pine trees have a bigger and flatter network of roots which make then more difficult to remove. Removing the Christmas tree stump yourself will obviously safe you quite a bit of money from hiring a professional to do the job, but you must use extreme caution and be very patient with the process. The stump will take some time to remove completely so take it slow and understand this is going to be a timely process.

christmas tree stumpWorking with a small Christmas tree stump simply involves using a shovel to dig around the stump and cut the root system as you dig. The roots will not be that thick and you can make a circular hole around the stump that should do the trick nicely. If the roots are too thick you could use loppers, and axe, and a saw to successfully separate the roots from the stump.

The larger the Christmas tree stump the more work that will be involved. Although you could remove the stump with the same process as the small stumps, there will be more work involved. Dig around the stump deep enough until you expose the roots. You will need a very sharp axe to separate the roots from the stump on a larger tree. Chopping could run two days depending on the size and amount of roots. In the event the stump is too heavy to move, wrap the stump in a chain and attach the other end to your pick up truck and pull it out.

Renting a stump grinder is another option for removing the stump. Be certain all the rocks and any debris is cleared away from the stump. Take a chainsaw and cut the stump as low as you can so the grinder has less work to do. Place your tree stump grinder in front of the Christmas tree stump and raise up the grinding wheel a couple inches over the top of the stump. Turn on the machine and lower the grinding wheel on to the stump. Continue by moving the wheel from side to side to release any of the chips in the grinder. Continue grinding until the stump is about five inches under the surface of the ground. Once you are satisfied you can cover the stump with soil and your stump will no longer be visible.