When to Hire a Tree Stump Grinder

Should You Hire A Pro To Do Your Stump Grinding For You

Tree stumps are the resilient remains of a fallen tree that is the eye sore of backyards worldwide. Most people feel the need to get rid of this sore sooner or later. But how? The easiest way is to opt for tree stump grinder rental services & do it yourself or hire a pro to do it. Going for a tree stump grinder rental can be a lot of work & takes quite a bit of practice. However once you get the hang of it it’s actually fun, at least I had a lot of fun grinding a rotten pine stump in my backyard into oblivion last week.

But perhaps you’re not that much into doing stuff yourself and if you have only one or two stumps to remove then you are probably better off hiring a pro. Let’s look at some of the options you get in this respect:

For home-backyard level work the contractors have rates like $100 for the first 10 stumps or $25 for one stump. When you hire such a contractor they will usually show up with tree stump grinders of 25-60 Hp. But if you choose to do this then you should be careful in your choice of contractors as many of them add up unfair hidden costs to the final bill. Like I said before, this options is only economical for  home owners if you have 1-2 small stumps to remove since most of the contractors increase their per stump rate with the number of stumps & even the size & condition of the stumps.

Now in the beginning when I said that tree stumps are an eye soar for backyards worldwide I wasn’t just referring to suburban backyards. Tree stumps are also an irritating problem for people who own estates, farms or plantations. If you are one of them they you pretty much already know that doing it yourself is definitely not an option.

For land clearing when there are dozens or even hundreds of stumps, you’ll need a big 100-250HP+ machine.   Most jobs like this will be either a negotiated flat rate, a per hour fee, figure at least $150/hour, or a total diameter charge (e.g. 100 stumps averaging 15 inches each = 1500 stump inches at $2/inch = $3,000).

In my personal opinion for homeowners like you & me tree stump grinder rental services is the best since you can have a lot of freedom while doing the task & you might even start to like the activity. Even better you may share the expenses with your neighbor since most tree stump grinder rental services charge on a per day basis & not on a per stump basis.

Whichever option suits you decide wisely, act quickly and get rid of that giant mole your backyard is sporting.