Stump Grinder Rental Testimonials

Timbeeeerrrr!!!!!!, it’s a phrase we have grown up listening to our fathers shout whenever he had just completed the tedious task of a cutting around a backyard tree & was waiting for the moment the tree started to topple over. However what we didn’t see or hear at that time was daddy’s cringed face as he stared at what was left behind – A tree stump with several feet of underground roots attached to it. Believe it or not, whether it’s the giants red woods of California or just your overgrown backyard tree, it’s stump is by far the hardest part to remove.

Of course some people can live with a stump in their lives, I mean their backyards but for most it’s just about as irritating as a giant mole adorning their faces. If you are one of them then what do you do? There are a few options:

  • There is of course the brute force option. You can simple try to rip it out. Now when I say simple I mean arranging for a tow truck, chains, large hooks & well bribed friends and if the stump is anything larger then 3-4 ft then you better off calling the National Guard.
  • Certain chemicals are available commercially which speed up somewhat the natural decay of the stump. But this may take decades depending on the size of the tree.
  • Some people in rural areas use dynamite but come on DYNAMITE!!! For a tree stump??
  • Tree stump grinder rental or hire services


Hiring professionals or opting for tree stump grinder rental services is the simplest & obviously the most popular among the masses. You can of course hire a professional to bring in his own equipment and do it for you or you can rent the machinery & do it yourself.

Both hiring & rental options are equally popular & if you are one of those who like to do everything by themselves then there are a few steps you need to know & follow:

  • Firstly use a shovel or mattock to clear away any stones or hard debris from around the base of the stump.
  • Next use a chainsaw to trim the stump to ground level as much as possible.
  • Now position the grinder wheel directly over the front edge of the stump.
  • Start the grinder and then slowly lower it about 3 inches into the stump. At this point use the hydraulic lever to swing the grinder wheel from side to side.
  • After you’ve dug down to about 4-5 ft, move the machine a few inches forward & repeat the whole process.  Keep repeating this process until you’ve reached the other end of the stump by which time there should be a uniform hole at least 4 inches deep where the stump once was. Mission Accomplished!!!!

If you think this is simple then perhaps you should take the rental option. Here are the details:

10-20 HP self propelled stump grinders can be rented at around $100-200 for daily rental plus delivery charges if you need to have it delivered. These 10-20 Hp grinders are pretty handy to use(above given instructions are based on these). They are good for most kinds of backyard stumps whether they are new or rotten.  The renting option is a lot more cost effective than the ‘hire a pro` option, if you have numerous stumps to remove, since the cost/stump increases with number of stumps for a hire pro or maybe you plan to share the rental expenses. In both these cases tree stump grinder rental services will be the best choice for you.