Winter Stump Removal

When it comes to trees in landscaping, nothing can be more anything than the remaining stump left on the area. Cutting down trees may be the simplest task, but removing the very last bit is the most time consuming. Before you consider the options in its removal, first take into account of the stump itself; some are easier to eliminate than others as the factors of the type of tree, age, and size of the stump can impact the removal time. The winter is brutal for any kind of lawn work yet with the exception of shoveling of snow, taking out the stumps is a fairly workable task.

Stump Grinder Rental

You can remove the stump yourself by renting a stump  grinder to tackle the problem yourself. If you have never used a grinder before, it may be best to get a professional to do it at a price. The equipment is rather heavy, weighing to at least 1,000 pounds and ranges between $100-$200. Regarding the company it’s rented from, this price can vary and is mostly a fee per day. Make sure to wear protective glasses and gear as debris will surely fly everywhere. Consider the number of stumps needed to be removed as the job will be time consuming and larger than you expect. Other equipment, such as a rake, chainsaw, may be required for those roots in case the grinder is unable to get everything.

Chemical Solutions

A rather dangerous option but is doable when instructions are followed correctly. Chemicals can accelerate the rotting of the stump. You can find them in a hardware store, such as caustic soda, a solution that is mixed with water and has to be applied to the stump several times. Potassium nitrate, known as saltpeter, and other powerful chemicals vary differently in function. Understand that in using the chemicals won’t give an immediate result; the process can take weeks to complete and other usages. Also, wear protective googles and gloves as some can cause severe burns and noxious fumes. Don’t inhale the fumes.

Do It Naturally

This choice is doable as well if you’re looking to save on the stump removal. Most likely you will need a shovel, rake, chainsaw or axe, grub hoe, and a grinder if you want. The main part is to clear out the area around stump of rocks, snow, or any other debris, and dug into the ground. Dig for the roots – remember some roots are thicker and deeper than other – and pull them out. Drill holes into the stump, placing potassium nitrate into them to speed up the rotting, and break it away with an axe as it softens overtime.

Burn or Rot It

This step can be done in the same way as eliminating the stump naturally. To ensure no issues with the fire marshals, check if it’s okay to burn stumps in your state before trying this. Drill in holes and fill them in with a high nitrogen substance, potassium nitrate, or even Epsom salt. Rock salt can work as well. Pour in water in each hole and chip off the decaying bits as it rots even further. If needed, cover it with dirt to speed the time. Any other larger parts can be hauled away by truck.

Hire a Professional

Obviously the most expensive, but if you’d rather have someone else do it, hiring a company is the way to go. Many companies have their policies in removal, as they can just pull the stump from the ground. They use tree stump grinders if you are unable to. It’s best to know the charges for the stumps as companies do take into consideration of the size and width of the stump, leading prices to range into the thousands.