What are Stump Grinders

What are stump grinders?

Stump Grinders are mechanical equipment or attachments used to cut and tear away the remainder of a tree stump left in the ground. Many places offer these achines for rentals. Stump grinders use a rotating blade to cut away at a tree stump. When removing a tree, the tree stump is almost always left in the ground and does not portray to beautiful landscaping. They can be rented from local hardware stores like Lowe’s for around $100. Also, they use a spinning blade to cut down the stump into saw dust. The saw dust can also be used from the remainder of the stump to plant grass seed over the area.

What are stump grinders used for?

Many people invest in stump grinders because of the extensity of use they have. Also, having a professional come to your home or business to remove a stump can be costly. A rental of a stump grinder also gives one the opportunity to remove multiple stumps while paying someone to come and remove the stump can be pricey. Stump removers offer convenience and affordability.

How much do stump grinders cost?

Places that offer stump rentals include Lowe’s, Menards, and Home Depot. They look similar to a push lawn mower, and, they also work similarly to a rode a tiller because of the way that the till up the stump or the soil with a blade. These can be purchased, but they are far from inexpensive. One lower quality stump grinder can be purchased for around $1000. This is highly expensive when you compare the price of buying versus renting. Also, grinders are not a necessity unless one is constantly cutting down trees or is using a stump grinder to make a living. Stump grinders are useful when doing landscape that involves tree stumps. However, the price of renting versus buying is more affordable.