Vermeer Stump Grinder Rental

Vermeer’s stump grinders make removing tree stumps easy with their power and control.  Their grinders are available to rent at many nearby locations for a great price .

The Service

Vermeer has providing excellent service since the 1950s.  The production of the stump grinder has made the backbreaking task a simple day job.  The Vermeer sweep system makes the stump break down layer by layer with its tough and durable blades.  The blades are very easy to use on any type of hardwood tree.

Vermeer Stump GrinderThe Product

Vermeer provides high service when it comes to stump grinder rentals.  The stump grinders they provide are able to aid in tree care and also maintenance for the homeowner’s yard.  Vermeer’s stump grinder obviously is used for stump removal, but it also improves the property and landscape of the yard.  The stump grinder is able to remove stumps that are up to 25” in height, 13” in depth, and 35” wide.

The Prices

Vermeer offers four different prices depending on what the homeowner is in need for.  If it is a quick project, you can rent the Vermeer stump grinder for $167 for a 4-hour rental.  A longer day project will cost $239 for the entire day.  A weekly rental will run for $717 and a month rental will cost $1,793.

The Locations

Vermeer’s products can be found at any of Home Depot’s 961 locations or any construction equipment rental centers.  The link below will help aid in that search.  When searching, the link will find locations within 25 miles of you.  Also, when ordering the rental online there is a major possibility of discounts the longer the usage term.