Rayco Stump Grinder Rental

John M. Bowling, designed his first stump grinder in the late 1970’s after finding that he was unable to find a stump grinder that he could use for his tree business. He figured out what would best serve the needs of his business, drew up the design, and made it himself. The model he made later became a popular unit sold in hardware stores as the RG 145. It helped him become an entrepreneur and a manufacturer which became Rayco Manufacturing, Inc., one of the biggest and best large equipment manufacturers in the United States known.

raycoThere are many companies that make stump grinders like Toro, Vermeer, Barreto, Bauma, Bobcat, and Husqvarna. You can buy or rent tree stump grinders and other types of equipment at various equipment rental stores like Sunbelt Rentals, hardware stores like Lowe’s and Menards, and certain locations of Home Depot. They can also be purchased but are very expensive. They can start out at around $1000 for the smaller, less expensive brands up to tens of thousands of dollars for the larger, more professional models.

They can be rented in four hour increments range from $75-$100, by the day from $112-$150, week are $425-$525, or monthly for $1334-$1577, prices includes trailer. Most companies also charge a deposit and the prices can vary, for the smaller machines the deposits usually start at around $150 and go up from there. There is also a discount program for people who rent equipment frequently and price specials and promotions.

There are many types of stump grinders and many sizes. There are small, portable ones used for people to use in their yards to take a small to medium size tree stump, walk-behind stump grinders, tracked stump grinders and self-propelled stump grinders, all the way up to the huge ones that construction companies use to clean acres of land and stumps. Some look like push lawn mowers, others resemble rode a tillers.
Most stump grinders will cut away at the wood of the tree stump, there is a rotating blade that will cut away at the remaining stump until it is sawdust. You can also use the shredded parts of the wood (sawdust) to mix with grass seed and water to grow grass.

The RH1754-160 model is a horizontal grinder which has a height of 8'-8” when discharging and weighs almost 16,000 pounds. This grinder’s motor has a 160 horse power, Cummins Diesel Turbo motor. This unit can be towed or put on a trailer. This unit is for sale.

The RH1754-240 model is also a horizontal grinder but has a 240 horse power Diesel Turbo motor, has a 12’4” Height when discharging and can also be towed or put on a trailer. This unit is for sale.

RAYCO Model: 1625JR-used 2010 & 2011 models preleased

You can also check the various locations to find out which equipment can also be rented and some used equipment may also be for sale. If you want to buy one or rent one, you can go to www.raycomfg.com and you can get a list of dealers in your area.
There are also professional tree companies that will remove tree stumps for you, all you need to do is look in the yellow pages or search the internet under tree stump removal and get a listing of the professional tree service companies that can remove them for you in your area. They are more expensive than renting a machine and doing it yourself, but it is quicker, easier, and much safer if you don’t have experience with tree stump removal equipment.