Portable Stump Grinder Rental

The length of your do it yourself (DIY) housework list can now get a little bit longer with the accessibility of the portable stump grinder.  After taking down that pesky tree in your yard, there will always be a stump left in the way.  A pimple on the face of the yard.  This can be taken away with the portable stump grinder.  This device will grind down the stump into almost a wood powder.  After it is down to a wood powder, it is then able to be buried into the ground.  Next, you just simply lay down new soil and plant grass seed and soon the pimple in the yard will be gone!  The best part about this whole routine?  You can rent the device for a day's work!

You can find these fabulous devices at stores such as Home Depot, Runyon's, Lowe's, and Hertz.  The rates for the portable stump grinders can vary depending on how long your project is.  For a day's project, the cost can range anywhere from $250 to $400.  However, if you have a smaller project (anywhere from just one to two stumps) then it would be best to rent it for only half of the day.  The costs of renting it for half a day range from $75 to $150.  This is why it is important to know how long your project will last.  Also, if you and a neighbor are doing work on the same day it is wise to rent together.  This will split the cost in half and also give you an extra pair of hands on your project as well!

Doing it yourself and renting a stump grinder for your at home projects allows you to skip going to a professional and save a lot of money!  Easy to do, easy to rent, and affordable; how could you possibly turn that down?