Dosko Stump Grinder Rental

Things You Need to Know Before Renting Dosko Stump Grinder

dosko stump grindersThe easiest part to get rid of an old tree stump is by using a stump grinder. If you want to remove more than one stump, then using a stump grinder is highly recommended. Buying a stump grinder can be expensive; alternatively, you can opt for stump grinder rental. Dosko stump grinder is one of the best stump grinders in the market. Renting will cost you just around a few hundred dollars a day. Stump grinder models made by Dosko are of high quality, include great operative design and feature ultimate performance.

Dosko offers a wide range of high-quality tree equipments, including brush chippers, wood stumpers, and stump grinders. Each of their products is carefully designed to meet the safety guidelines. All Dosko products have a solid construction body for better durability. The quality team and equipment designers at Dosko always ensure to include new and innovative features in all latest models. All products from this company come with a warranty.

If you are particularly looking for a Dosko’s stump grinder, then check out the 337-13H stump grinder. This is one of the popular models available in the stump rental industry. This model is towable and easy-to-use. With an efficient Honda engine, this stump grinder works perfectly to grind tree stumps. The machine has a 32 inches wide body with a side-discharge frame. Fold down handlebars and 134-pound weight makes this grinder rental very convenient for the customers. The machine features a great handlebar with five positioning options. The tow bar package helps users to tow the machine easily.

Another option of a Dosko Stump Grinder is the 200 series mini stump grinder. This machine is powered by the Honda GX engines. Some of the new features in this mini stump grinder include direct belt drive and the oil shutdown sensor. This mini stump grinder is compact and portable, which is a great option for portability. The 3-in-1 tooth system is another special feature included in this mini stump grinder from the Dosko brand.

Dosko’s 270 Series mini stump grinder is another Honda engine powered machine with an oil shutdown sensor, direct belt drive, handlebar with various positioning and a unique side discharge frame. This is another great stump grinder that you can rent from an equipment rental shop. This model is compact, which makes it an easily portable model as well. New concave dish helps the stump grinder more efficient with shredding options than sheering. The included blade rotates for three 120° increments for new cutting angle.

357 Series is another Dosko’s electric start stump grinder that features electric start, recoil backup, direct belt drive, and a durable Honda GX engine. Just like all new Dosko stump grinders, this model too features an oil shutdown sensor. The side discharge frame helps to manage the stumping and grinding of tree trucks easily. This model too has the tow bar package for easy towing and portability. You can easily detach and attach the tow bar as per your convenience.

In addition to these Dosko models of stump grinders, Dosko offers a wide array of other new models too. Before you take the equipments for rent, don’t forget to talk to the technician to learn more about the machine’s operation. Ask questions to know details about the machine operations at the equipment rental office. Handling a stump grinder is very important. If you don’t know how to operate this machine, it can be potentially hazardous. You must remember that this equipment must be operated properly for your safety. Using safety gears for your eye and ear protection is also highly recommended.