Stump Grinder Rental Quote

Stump grinders are a convenient way to jump start a landscaping project, whether you are interested in beautifying your front lawn, or destroying stumps from a larger plot of land for planting. Using a stump grinder can help to eliminate the safety hazard of an old stump, and make way for new flora.

Due to the large monetary investment required to purchase a stump grinder, a simple alternative is to rent a stump grinder from a local company, saving costs and ensuring you get the job done quickly.

Smaller Grinder (9’’ to 11’’ stump) Medium Grinder

(16’’ to 17’’ stump)

Large Grinder

(20’’ to 25’’ stump)

Half-Day Rental $75-$120 $150-$175 $150-$200
Day Rental $190-$250 $300-$350 $400-$500
Week Rental $680-$720 $800-$980 $950-$1,150

The cost of a stump grinder rental will depend on the size of the machine, the depth the machine can penetrate to destroy the root, and the amount of fuel the machine will require. Larger stump grinders are able to dig deep into the Earth to destroy the stump fully, whereas smaller machines are better for stumps with smaller diameters.

different sizes of stump grinder cutting times

Grinders are often rented by half-days. For a half-day, the average price, depending on the machine that you select, will be between $75 and $200. The variation in price is due to the difference in size of the machine. While some are able to dig a foot below the surface, others can only dig down a few inches. Depending on your needs, this may be sufficient, but the more trunk you intend to grind, the higher the price will be.

For a full day, expect the price to be between $250 and $500. With a day’s hard work, it is easy to grind down many, many trees.

Longer rentals, typically for a week, will run you $600 to $1,200, with the huge variation being in the strength and power of the machine, and the length of time you require the machine.

For your home improvement needs, a stump grinder can be a fast, efficient fix to a long-term problem.