Stump Grinder Rental Prices

One of the biggest reasons for cutting down trees with a stump grinder is that it would be unsafe to leave them standing. Trees can be weather damaged, termite infested, diseased, or just withering with age. Whatever the reason, a damaged or unhealthy tree is an accident waiting to happe. The tree could crash through the roof of your house and injure you or a family member. Not to mention do some very costly damage to your home. The best way to prevent this is to cut the unhealthy tree down. However, once the tree is down, there is still going to be a stump to contend with. It is possible to leave it there, but it could be a safety hazard. if the stump is termite infested, leaving it there still allows the little pests a home to live in, and could lead to termites in the home. The best way to handle the stump is to use a stump grinder. It will grind the stump into wood chips. The wood chips can then be bagged as yard waste, or scattered in the garden as mulch.

Rent vs Buy a Stump Grinder

It is more practical to rent a stump grinder than it is to buy one. Small stump grinders, which resemble lawn mowers, can cost hundreds of dollars to buy. larger stump grinders, that run up to sixty horsepower, can cost thousands. This is an unnecessary amount to spend on something that will only be used for one or two projects. Only tree service companies really find it cost effective to purchase a stump grinder. A stump grinder can even be rented for a monthly rental, or even extended rentals. Speaking to a sales professional will help you determine what your best rental option is if you need a grinder for more than a month. Thankfully, most rental research can be done without stepping into a store.

Stump Grinder Prices

Lowes is one place that stump grinders can be rented from. However, their internet process is not necessarily internet friendly. They do have a blurb about their tool rental process online. Lowes states that tool rental must be done at their Pro Services Desk. They also state that most of their tool rental prices fall under a blanket rate of twenty five to fifty five dollars a day. This is only a blanket cost. To find the appropriate cost, a phone call to Lowes will be in order to get proper price quotes. If the job does not need to be done immediately, and you hae time to do some offline research, then Lowes may be the best option for you, or at least the best place to start.

If a quote is needed more urgently, such as in the case of a termite infested stump, Home Depot also offers tool rental, and they offer a very internet friendly rental process. They have stump grinders in the tool section and the large equipment section of their rentals. Their smallest stump grinder, which is available at all Home Depot locations rents for eighty six dollars for four hours, or one hundred twenty three dollars per day. Weekly rates go for four hundred and ninety two dollars and a month will run about fourteen hundred seventy six dollars. The larger stump grinders are not available at all Home Depot locations. Making sure that you select the store nearest to you will show all of the locations in your area with larger stump grinders. The prices online are roughly the same for all large stump grinders. Four hours will cost one hundred sixty seven dollars, a day will be around two hundred thirty nine dollars. A week will cost seven hundred seventeen dollars and a month will cost seventeen hundred ninety three dollars. This does not include a thirty nine dollar one way delivery fee. If delivery is necessary make sure to include this in your budget.

Sunbelt Rentals is an online site that stump grinders can also be rented from. Unlike Home Depot, Sunbelt breaks their stump grinders into categories by horsepower. There is the w/B model, which resembles a lawn mower. There is also a category of twenty five to thirty horsepower stump grinders, and fifty to sixty horsepower stump grinders. Prices change depending on the size of the stump grinder rented. Prices for the w/B model range from one hundred fifty five dollars for either four hours or a full day. Weekly rates are four hundred and forty five dollars, and it will cost twelve hundred thirty dollars. A twenty five to thirty horse power grinder will run about two hundred ninety five dollars for four hours up to a day. Weekly rental costs eight hundred ninety five dollars, and monthly costs twenty one hundred dollars. The fifty to sixty horsepower grinder rents for three hundred fifty five dollars for four hours or a day rental. Weekly rentals run for nine hundred sixty fie dollars and it will cost two thousand five hundred seventy dollars for a month. Sunbelt does say that their prices are subject to change, so entering your address into the system will bring up the most accurate rental prices in your area. Also, these prices do not cover the delivery and pick up costs. Those will need to be budgeted into the final price so you stay within your budget constraints. Sunbelt Rentals does offer extended rentals but you will need to call them for pricing.