Stump Grinder Rental Cost

Tree stump grinder rental is a big business today. Every store which does rental for home improvement equipment or landscaping tools has stump grinders to rent out. Many people find it expensive to buy their own tree stump grinders and prefer to rent. Some even rent as a group especially if they are in the same neighborhood.

Whether you rent as an individual or as a group, it is important to make sure that you get the best bargain for your money. This is because stump grinder rental cost will change from one store to another. If a store is nearer to you, the total cost might be lower because they will charge less for transport. The size and efficiency of the machine will also determine how much you pay.

If a machine is big and excellent in its task, more will be charged for it. Note that the stump grinder rental cost will also include the cost of maintaining it. Avoid unnecessary costs by ensuring that the machine is in top condition when it is delivered to you and before you use it. If a faulty machine is delivered to you and you use it as it is, it could get more damaged and this will be your liability.

If you have a small job, you can ask for a 10-16 HP self-propelled grinder. This will cost you around $125 to $250 for one day. This does not include delivery charges so you will have to arrange to pick it yourself. For small stumps or stumps which are soft and rotten, the 10 HP machine will be suitable. However, using a small machine will limit you because you cannot go 12 inches below grade. For a better job, it is advisable to look for a bigger and more powerful machine. However, this will increase the stump grinder rental cost