Stump Grinder Tool

Stump Grinder Tool Rental

Stump grinders are handy, easily operated tools that make the maintenance and landscaping of one’s yard a simple task. They are versatile machines that can handle even the toughest jobs— from unwanted front yard stumps to those found in forest areas.

Stump grinders have been in operation for decades, providing the smoothest hand-operated assistance to removing stubborn tree stumps on the market today. These grinders, also known as stump cutters, employ a large saw to dig deep into a stump’s base. It shaves the stump into sawdust and mulch bit-by-bit until the base of the stump itself has been severed. Many agricultural workers prefer stump grinders to other methods of stump removal because of its combined benefits of easy control and quick pace. It’s quite literally more bang for the buck.

Prior to stump grinders, landowners had to resort to hand tools like mattocks to get the job done. And while stump grinders have been on the market since 1956, technological advancements have allowed them to operate on a much higher level of efficiency for today’s consumers.

These powerful machines come in a variety of shapes and sizes: handlebar stump grinders operate much like a lawn mower, operated by hand from behind with handlebars to control its movement. Self-propelled stump grinders come in very handy when the going gets tough. They can access areas that prove too difficult for its operator to reach. Lastly, a tow-behind stump grinder can be attached to vehicles like trucks or tractors and pulled along.

Renting a stump grinder is one of the most sensible decisions to be made when dealing with landscaping. Its user-friendly operation, variety of models, and history of success ensure that renting one today will not just get the job done— it will get the job done right.